What are you training for? Can you raise the bar and elevate your fitness? Can you ride 10, 18, or even 30 times this month? Our team wants to support your goals,  sign up below!

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The November Champagne Challenge


The Green Rider Package: 

  • Clip in: Complete 10 rides
  • Traditionally, the green jersey is awarded to the top sprinter in each stage of the Tour de France.
  • Sprint for 10, upon completion you are entered to win one of our Green Rider Packages. 

The Yellow Rider Package:

  • Gear Up: Complete 18 rides
  • In Addition to the Green Rider Package, receive an exclusive invite to our Champagne Ride
    • A celebratory ride to acknowledge your achievements followed by a champagne social and awards
    • Date: Friday December 1st at 4:30pm (details to be confirmed in your personal invitation)

The Polka-dot Rider Package: 

  • You are the King of the Hill: Ride the most amount of classes
  • In the Tour de France, this jersey represents the first rider to reach the crest of a designated mountain. 
  • Complete the most rides and receive the First Annual Method Polka-dot Jersey and special recognition at our Champagne ride. 

The Social Rider Package:

  • Go for gold: Post an Instagram photo of one of your past achievements with the hashtag #methodcc and tag@methodcycling
  • For each post, your name is entered into a draw to win a bottle of Vueve Champagne 

Keep an eye out for our packages to be displayed at each studio

Important Challenge Details

  • You are not eligible for the prizes if you do not sign up for the challenge by October 31 at 11:59PM
  • The November Challenge runs from Wednesday, November 1st, through Thursday, November 30th. 
  • There is no registration fee nor penalty if you don't complete the challenge
  • Everyone who purchases a class and who registered for the challenge is eligible to participate. 


Go For It!