Colin Rimes

People that know me say I'm OCD; really I'm just on it! When I set my mind on something I don't stop until I'm satisfied 100%. I enjoy the fight and the thrill of any challenge; working hard and staying focused is what I'm most noted for. Maybe it's because I'm one of 8 siblings that I naturally assume a leadership roll in group settings. 

My METHODology

All our lives are usually busy and complicated, so while training to stay fit, or training for races it requires focus and pre planning as to insure I'm not wasting time.

Words to Live By

The best revenge is to successfully accomplish what others say you cannot do. Never be ashamed of your scars it only means your stronger then whatever tried to hurt you.


Motorcycle road racing, cycling, snowboarding, climbing, hiking, wakeboard, hockey and backcountry boarding.

Favourite Bike Ride

East Maui Loop